Emily Faith Presets - Original Pack

Emily Faith Presets - Original Pack

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Hey everyone, I’m so excited to be launching my Emily Faith Presets - Original Pack.

These mobile presets are designed to be used on the FREE Lightroom mobile app (no upgrade necessary).

This is a collection of four presets: Always, Whimsy, Joy and Home. Each one is similar yet uniquely created for different indoor and outdoor scenarios to curate a beautiful cohesive collection of photos.

Use #emilyfaithpresets so I can see all of your beautiful photos.

Please carefully read and follow the instructions for installation and watch the video below. Make sure to triple check your email before purchasing. Please note that the link in your email expires in 24 hours, please download within that time.

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  1. Download the Lightroom & WinZip app on your phone (both are free and no upgrade/subscription is required).

  2. When creating your Adobe Lightroom account, be sure to CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT - DON’T click “sign in with” gmail or Facebook. Simply create a new account - IT’S FREE, this will ensure that the presets will stay with your account even if you get a new phone.

  3. After purchasing you will receive an email, select the download link and then 'open with' the WinZip app (no computer is required, you can simply log in to your email on your phone). The download may take some time depending on your internet speed, its most efficient to use google chrome on your phone.

  4. Open my “Installation Guide" that is included in the WinZip file. The guide will include step by step instructions on how to install the presets into your Lightroom App.

  5. The link in your email will expire in 24 hours, so be sure to download during that time.

You may find it helpful to watch my in-depth installation guide video, walking you through how to install my presets into Lightroom on your phone.


This product is a digital download and for that reason ALL SALES ARE FINAL and there will be NO REFUNDS, RETURNS OR EXCHANGES.

This purchase is for one individual only. Any unauthorized distribution of Emily Faith Presets is prohibited and will be met with legal actions.


Here’s a description and before and after look at each preset - Always, Whimsy, Joy and Home.


ALWAYS - This is my most used preset. The colors are very desaturated, especially the yellows and oranges. I find it creates a “clean” white and lovely muted tones. It’s a great preset for indoor photos with bad yellow light, but also works great outdoors. It’s my go to for selfies as well.

Whimsy - EmilyFaith

WHIMSY - This is my wild card preset, it cancels out the blue hues in a photo. This means it works great for those harsh blue skies or overly cool blue tones that can occur in the shade. I love using using Whimsy for more artsy shots too… fall leaves, a rose bush or a bright summer day at the lake.

JOY- EmilyFaith

JOY- This is my most colorful preset. You will find that the yellows, oranges and blues are brightest in Joy, while still maintaining the overall aesthetic of the other 3 presets. It’s perfect for a bundle of flowers, a colorful top, or a great view.

Home - EmilyFaith

HOME - This is my second most used preset, very similar to Always in a lot of ways. The difference being it adds a touch more warmth to a photo. It’s also great for selfies and both indoor and outdoor lighting situations. I do love using Home around the house, but it works great almost anywhere.

For questions email: emilyfaith22@gmail.com