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Getting Pregnant With PCOS

Getting Pregnant With PCOS

Friends, I’m PREGNANT!!!!!

I’ve been bursting to share this happy news with you all. We found out mid February and i’ve wanted to scream it from the roof tops ever since. I don’t want to get ahead of myself though, let’s go back to when I last updated you all.

My last blog was this past October, we had already been trying for 11 months and were waiting for our December doctors appt. If you didn’t read that blog, you can check it out HERE. It talks about my struggles with infertility and some of the background story.

Our December doctors appointment came, and about a week before the appointment I ovulated. I hadn’t ovulated in months and couldn’t believe I finally had. We met with our doc and right away she was ready to send us home with Clomid, we had the prescription in hand and felt so happy to have someone “on our team”.

Before we left she wanted to do a quick ultra sound to '‘re-confirm” my PCOS diagnosis… for the 10,000 times in my life and to see if I had indeed ovulated. From the ultra sound it was again clear I have PCOS but it was still to early to tell if I was pregnant. My uterine lining was extremely thick. The doctor actually thought we were most likely pregnant because of the thickness and told us it was highly likely i’m pregnant. She said if we weren’t pregnant, she will need to do a biopsy of my uterine lining to make sure there are no other issues since it was so thick.

We were sent home without the prescription and had to wait to find out if I was pregnant or if I would need to have further testing done. Talk about a gruelling week waiting, trying to keep your heart in the balance of hope or fear of intense disappointment.

The morning to test came and so did my period.

I grieved that day for what could have been and had to deal with my pain and disappointment. I think it was extra painful for me because even the doctor thought I was most likely pregnant and I felt so ready for this journey to have its happy ending.

Yet we weren’t pregnant and I chose to do the only thing I could do, move forward with continued hope in the process and journey we were on.

We were then scheduled for a biopsy of my uterine lining for mid January. The biopsy happened, which was a very minor, fairly painless procedure that took all of 3 minutes. Another week later we got the results, everything was normal! My lining was most likely thick because I hadn’t ovulated in a few months and when you don’t shed your lining it builds up.

A quick side note for any women who may have PCOS which I realize affects women differently, but during these months and months of trying although I wasn’t ovulating I had been bleeding almost non stop. Which will really confuse you when your trying to track your cycle…anyways….

At that same biopsy results appointment the doctor was finally ready to get us going on some medicine. We were going back and forth between Clomid (the drug we used to get pregnant with Olin) or something called Letrozole which is mainly for women with PCOS. The doctor was recommending Letrozole and told us it has a higher success rate for women with PCOS then Clomid. We decided to trust her and go with it.

We had to have multiple blood/hormone level tests to make sure I wasn’t about to ovulate since I wasn’t going to be starting the medication on day 3 of my period, which is usually how its supposed to be started. The blood test showed I wasn’t ovulating any time soon and I was able to begin the medication “cold turkey” which was a huge blessing because Lord only knows the next time I would have gotten my period.

The main side effect I experienced on Letrozole was headaches but that was about it. I had been tracking my ovulation through my temperature and ovulation pee test for about a year now so I had a pretty good handle on my bodies “norm”. Sure enough about 3 weeks after starting Letrozole my ovulation pee test came up with a POSITIVE for ovulation and we may or may not have put Olin in front of the tv and shut our door to get down to it…TMI…maybe…but it worked.

Fast forward another 2 weeks, I had been watching my temperature and I told Stephane that if it went up in the morning I was going to test. Sure enough I woke up and had the highest tempature I had had so far. The whole fam was in the bathroom as I peed on that little stick (that’s normal right) and then I bawled my face off when I saw that second line appear.

I feel so so fortunate that I was able to conceive are very first time taking Letrozole. It was a long journey to even get medicine and I’m so so thankful that it worked for us.

Thank you all for the love you sent me when I opened up about my fertility struggles, it truly meant the world to me and I can only say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your love and your kindness.

To anyone still in the midst of their journey, I see you, there is hope, there is always hope. Your journey may not look like mine but my prayer is that you would find encouragement from my story and know that you are not alone.

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