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Macrame Basics - The Square Knot

Macrame Basics - The Square Knot

Hey friends,

So you want to learn some macrame basics? Well it doesn’t get much more basic then a square knot, you can actually create entire wall hangings and plant hangers using this one simple knot.

This was the first knot I learned and created an entire wall hanging with this knot alone. You can watch that video on youtube HERE.

Its a game changer, and so simple to learn.

I won’t waste your time with any more chit chat, lets get right on it to teaching you the basic square knot.

Begin with 4 cords - you will need to first attach the cords to a stick or wooden dowel.


Take your far LEFT cord and make a 4 (see photo below)


Take your far RIGHT cord and place it on top of the tail of the far LEFT cord.


Fold the far RIGHT cord under the two middle cords and through the 4 loop you created.


Pull the far RIGHT and LEFT string tight.

Now begin this process again starting on the opposite side.

Create a 4 with your far RIGHT cord.


Take the far LEFT cord and place it on top of the tail of the RIGHT string.


Take the far LEFT cord and place it under the middle two cords up through the 4 loop.


Pull the far LEFT and RIGHT cord tight.


That’s it you guy! I hope this was helpful in teaching you the square knot.

I also have a video to teach you the basics as well, you can check that out HERE.

Macrame can look so intimidating put I promise you, once you get started you will be surprised by how simple it really can be, and fun, did I mention fun.

Put on a your fav Netflix show (A-typical anyone?) and get to macrame-ing.


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