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Why I Started A Blog

Why I Started A Blog

Hey guys,

I have all the feels sitting down to write this post, also my computer’s about to die and my son will most likely be waking up from his nap any moment so…that’s fun.

I want to be open and honest with you, so I’m just going to say it how it is. I’ve felt confused for a really long time about my photography business, Wolf N Fox Photography. I began my business just over two years before I became a mom. It was birthed from a desire to pursue work that makes me come alive and it did just that. I had dreams to pursue photography alongside my husband, Stephane. A traveling husband and wife photography team. Things were going really well, my business was growing organically and I was so encouraged.

My third year of business I had Olin (my son), my world flipped up side down and then did about 4 back flips and a handspring. During those first few months photography was the last thing on my mind. The thought of leaving my son caused me crazy anxiety.

After a few months I mustered up all the courage inside me and shot my first wedding when Olin was about 6/7 months old. Then I shot a few more that summer. Although shooting weddings still brought me joy, something was different. I had a new number one priority.

That fall (2017) we moved to a new province and city. It would have been my busiest photography year yet. I got so many inquiries, more then I had ever received….but I turned them down because I wasn’t willing to spend an entire summer commuting 10 hours back to the city we had just moved away from.

Ok so now we are living in a brand new place, where we literally know almost no one. Wolf N Fox was built completely organically through relationship and here I was in a new city, one car between Steph and I. Him working long hours and me home with Olin all day. Photography took a back seat.

During this time of transition, which is challenging enough, without the pressure of re-kickstarting my photography business from scratch, I began posting weekly videos on Youtube.

Youtube became the creative outlet I needed. I could stay at home with Olin, which is what I desire most and make youtube videos which filled that desire in me to create. I found joy pursuing something outside of motherhood that was simply my own and brought me life in ways motherhood didn’t.

My Youtube really began to grow and Wolf N Fox stayed stagnant. As the months past I of course did a few shoots here and there but Wolf N Fox slowly began to feel like a failed dream. Youtube began to feel like this beacon of hope to try something new.

It was only recently when my husband and I sat down together that I was able to finally articulate what my heart had been feeling but my mind hadn’t figured out yet. This is what I had come to realize…

Wolf N Fox Photography was my dream before I became a mother, key word being before. Motherhood changed so much in me. Priorities changed, and more importantly my dreams changed. I want to be a stay at home mom! Youtube gives me the opportunity to do that, as well as this blog. If things continue to grow as I can only hope they will. It gives me a chance to provide a small income for our family while still staying home with Olin.

But wait, this doesn’t mean that i’m done with photography. Its still a HUGE passion of mine. I decided to focus my photography on families, love and lifestyle shoots. Weddings will no longer be my focus. I may take on one or two a year but family and couples photography will now be my main pursuit.

This leads me back here, to this new website and blog - Emily Faith. My brand Wolf N Fox no longer fits the vision I have. I’ve been working to grow my youtube under Emily Faith and now this blog. It only makes sense for me to combine everything under my name Emily Faith.

So this is my new site, it has a section for photography, Youtube, my new blog where I will be posting content to coincide with my youtube (home decor, macrame, thrift, motherhood and more). This is my space to be me, all under one roof!

I’m really truly excited to be sharing this with you all, in some ways I feel like everything I’ve pursued creatively has lead me right here to this spot.

I think its fitting that my tag line is:

life is full of open fields

To me that sentence feels like creative possibility, it feels like freedom and it feels like joy!

Thanks for reading friends and following along with my life and this journey I’m on. Everyone has always been so supportive of me through out the years and that does not go without true thanks and appreciation.

All my love


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