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Macrame Plant Hanger - for beginners

Macrame Plant Hanger - for beginners

Hi there,

Somehow you found your way here which most likely means you either know me personally (hi mom, jk my mom deosn’t even read this) or you want to make your own plant hanger. If its the later then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m not much for chit chat, no idea what i’m doing starting a blog (my grammar leaves a lot to be desired) but here I am winging it as I go, yay me! Ok i’ll stop wasting time and jump right on into things.


Macrame cord - THIS is the one i am using


Brass Ring or Wooden Ring - HERE is a cute wooden one I found for you.



Cut your cord into 6 pieces.

Each piece will be 17.5 FT (533cm) long


Attach the cords to your ring. We will be using a larks head knot but instead of placing the cords on one at a time we will be doing them all in one knot.

  1. Place the folded end through the ring.

  2. Fold the top end down to create a loop.

  3. Pull the strand of cords through the loop.

Next I drew up a design, something I could work off of. Although the end result often turns out differently, I like to draw out the design anyways because it gives me a game plan to work from.



Separate your 12 strands of cord in 3 groups of 4 cords.

Find your middle 4 cords and begin with your basic square knot. If you’ve never done a square knot before I have a whole blog post to teach you how HERE.


Divide your first square knot into 2 groups of 2 and on either side add in two more cords.

Tie 2 more square not on either side.



Continue this process of adding 2 cords on both sides, until you’ve reached the end cords of your macrame.


Once you’ve tied a total of 5 square knots, it should look an the head of an arrow (half of a diamond).

You will now begin the process of working your way back to the centre.

Leave out the 2 outer cords on either side and tie 2 more square knots.

Continuing this process of leaving out 2 more strings each time until you are back in the middle with your final 4 cords.

Tie your final square knot to complete the diamond shape.



Now that you have completed your first diamond, and should have the hang of things.

Simply repeat this process 4 more times.

Each time I left about a 1/2 inch gab between each diamond and started with my middle square knot to begin the diamond again.



Once you’ve finished up your diamond pattern you will drop down about 1 ft and tie 3 square knots in a horizontal line.


Drop down another few inches and combine your far left square knot and far right square knot by taking 2 cords from each and combining them with a new square knot.


Take your middle square knot and combine it with the 2 far right cords on the right side and the 2 far left cords on the left side.



Another 2 inches down tie one large knot to combine all the cords together.

Trim up the excess cord to your desired length.

Put a plant inside and ENJOY!


Wow we made it, I was worried for a minute there that we weren’t going to make it through but here we are. Brand new plant hanger in hand!

If you’re more of a visual learner then it’s a good thing I have a youtube video taking you through this process step by step.

Check it out HERE!

If you have any questions, leave a comment down below.

If you end up making a macrame plant hanger tag me in the photos because I want to see!

Thanks for stopping by today fam.

If you’re a Pinterest fanatic like me, you would be doing me a huge favour by pinning the picture below!

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