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DIY Foraged Christmas Wreath

DIY Foraged Christmas Wreath

Are you a crazy christmas obsessed lady like me? I’ve been pinning christmas home decor since August. Halloween passed and the next day I made this DIY foraged Christmas wreath. I’ve been known to shed a tear or two on the fist snow of the season listening to an old time christmas song. I just can’t help it guys, it gets me right in the feels.

I’ve been planning on making a wreath for months now, scheming how I could forage my own greenery. I don’t have tons of money to spend on christmas decor, so I knew I needed to go the foraging route AKA cheap route.

Let me paint a pretty picture for you:

A mom innocently pushes her son in a stroller walking down a back alley on her way to a playground. Along the way she’s quickly clipping/ripping branches off of peoples overhanging trees and shoves them into the bottom of her stroller.

I can neither confirm nor deny that they may have been me.

Judge away friends, my conscious is clean.


In all seriousness, I really did clip these off of people trees that were over hanging in our back alley. I also used some greenery from our own backyard.

If you’re not ok with my methods, I recommend foraging through some local woods, or even in a friends or your own back yard. I had more then enough supplies and was even able to make a small garland with the leftover greenery.



  • Greenery

    I tried to get a variety to work with to add some interest to the wreath.

  • Wreath Base

    I picked this one up thrifting, it had some tacky feathery thing on it that I ripped off. It’s a great size and was very affordable. You could check Michaels or the dollar store if you can’t find one thrifting.

  • Green Wire

    I didn’t end up using the wire but if you have a different kind of wreath you may need this to help secure the greenery to the base.


How to make the wreath:

This is the easiest part. If you find a wreath like mine, made up of twisted intertwined sticks all you need to do is push your greenery into the wreath.

Tuck your greenery into open spaces (see above image) and begin to layer the greenery around the wreath.

I tried to space out the bunches of greenery that were in the same family to create interest. The one bundle had cute little red berries and another had baby pine cones. I tried to highlight those textures and pops of colour.

Continue adding greenery to your hearts desire.


Hang it up on the wall and see what needs to be added or edited out.

You can always add ribbon and make a bow or even some cute bells. I kept mine simple with a minimalist look.

That’s all friends! Hang it on your wall or door and enjoy through the holiday season.

I honestly had so much fun making this, I think this would be a great Idea to do with a bunch of friends at a holiday party.

I’m ready to make 10 more…not really because its a pretty messy DIY but so easy and worth it.


I hope this inspires you to craft your own foraged wreath this holiday season.

Don’t forget to pin the picture below to save for later and you can also check out my youtube video HERE.


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